At Dance Like a Mother CIC we are committed to promoting the benefits and safe practices of babywearing. Please see details below that may help you with your own babywearing journey. 


positive impact of babywearing 

The concept of babywearing has been around for centuries and is a regular way of transporting your baby/child and bonding in many cultures around the world. There are many benefits for both Mum/Dad/Caregiver and for baby. 


sling libraries, consultations & workshops

We will always take time in class to offer advice and support around safe babywearing. But if you would like to know more we are able to offer 121 Consultations & Group Workshops. There are also lots of great Sling Libraries and people who can offer further support and the opportunity to hire before you buy.


safe babywearing & top tips

Here's our top tips and safety information to ensure you are wearing your baby in the correct position and being as safe as possible. Also find links to other websites for further information