benefits to baby

  • Encourages bonding and a healthy attachment to Parent. This is most vital during the first few months of life and will ensure that your baby grows up to have greater confidence and independence.

  • Reduces crying and can be a comfort to both Parent & baby during times of teething/illness/leap etc.

  • Assists to regulate babies temperature, heart rate and promote emotional and physical wellbeing

  • Has been shown to be beneficial for babies with reflux and colic, due to being held upright and close to parent.

  • Enhances motor development, muscle strength, neck and head control

  • Assists with sleep and gives baby moments of calm and a chance to retreat from over stimulating environments.

benefits to mum/dad/caregiver

  • Encourages bonding and attachment. While holding your baby close you are releasing oxytocin (also known as the 'Love hormone') which encourages an even stronger bond.

  • Gives parents rest bite for those times when baby is teething/ill etc and the baby may feel the need to be closer to the parent.

  • Allows parents to carry on with chores, looking after older siblings and having hands free for other tasks.

  • Increases milk supply and assists with breastfeeding

  • A great way for Dads to develop their bond further