how old does my baby need to be to attend? 

Babies need to be 8 weeks old (corrected for prem babies). You will both have needed to have had your post-natal check up with your health care provider and been given the go ahead to take part in activity. Please note if you have had a c-section we recommend 12 weeks. However if you are fit and feel well enough to attend, just contact us and we will advise. 
The age of babies in class ranges from 8 weeks up to 2 Years…however as long as you are comfortable wearing your baby you can come at any age up to toddler. 

If you have a child over 3 and would like them to come with you, please just let us know. We have doll carriers, should they like to dance with you. 

We have several twin Mum's who attend. They either tandem carry (one on the front and one on the back; only recommended once both are sitting unaided) or you can bring a friend/relative/partner for free. The instructors have even been known to carry one too! 

what days are classes and how much are they? 

Classes run most days of the week. We do not do terms or blocks and run all year round (even during school holidays..apart from August where we have a little break). 

Classes are £5 if you have never attended before, then £6 after for Individual classes or 5 classes for £25. We recommend attending a class and if you enjoy it, we can book you in for the 5. We accept card payment in class by card. You can also book in for the 5 yourself via the booking site (book now button) 

The classes at the Angel Centre as subsidized by Social Adventures. So here its £4 a class or 5 classes for £20 (Salford residents only) 

FREE Classes for 25 & Under. Please get in touch for your code to get 6 free classes, through our Young Parents Project Funding

Do i need my own carrier/wrap/sling? and do i need to be a regular babywearer?

No. We have carriers available to use in class and will fit you safe and comfortable for class. We mainly use a brand called 'Integra' as it is suitable for babies from 7lbs to 53lbs and fits all body shapes. We also have other types of carriers to fit all body shapes & sizes, as well as toddlers up to 2 years.

You don't need to be a current babywearer and it's rare we have had a baby that doesn't enjoy being worn or being in class (trust us!) 

The only carriers we do not recommend for class are stretchy wraps.. We find they do not offer enough neck support in most cases and can sag if worn too loose. 
Old style Baby Bjorns (narrow based) and some high street carriers are often not supportive or comfortable enough for class. So please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions. 

We do not recommend outward facing as babies often fall asleep in class and this can cause restricted airways. It can also be over stimulating for younger babies.

Back carry's are suitable for class and we are happy to help you with this as long as baby is sitting well unaided. Nikki also offers 121 Babywearing and Back Carry Workshop sessions, if you would like to learn how to do this yourself (See Babywearing Section) 


do i need to pre-book?

Yes! The classes are often very busy and we require everyone to book via our booking site, as we need confirmation of certain details before attending. 

We suggest booking in advance and if the class is sold out, you can add yourself to the wait list on the booking site. You will then receive an email if a space becomes available, or a text if 24 hours before. 

Do I need to be fit/be able to dance etc?

No! Our classes are active, but low impact and more about having fun, bonding with your baby and doing something for yourself. 

The routines are easy to follow and as all our Instructors have a Dance background, they will break everything down for you. It's just about having fun! 

Paul Dance close up.jpg

are the classes safe for me and my baby? 

Safety is our priority. All our Instructors are Babywearing Peer Support Trained (Born to Carry) and have been trained by Dr Rosie Knowles. At the start of every class we fit carriers for those who need them and also check everyone to ensure they are in line with the TICK Guidelines and are comfortable and safe for both Parent & Baby. During the class you will learn about safe babywearing and we are always aware of those that need adjusting or help during class. 

We have policies in place to ensure that babies don't over heat (most of our venues have air conditioning) and carry out regular risk assessments to ensure the safety of both Mum & Baby. 

All routines have been choreographed with the postnatal body in mind and all our instructors are trained in dance instruction, to ensure that the moves are carried out with care and awareness. We also work closely with Katie Syrett who is a women's health physiotherapist and personal trainer. The classes are designed to support women in building core strength, improving pelvic floor as well as posture and breathing. 

will my baby be happy in class? 

Most babies fall asleep in class (this is not a money back guarantee!) Babies who are younger and/or are used to being worn tend to relax and fall asleep quicker. The movement, music and being held close to the Mum/Dad/Caregiver is a very relaxing and comforting experience for them (similar to being in the womb).  

We sometimes find that people say "my baby hates being in the carrier" or "they will never fall asleep!". But they are often surprised what a well fitting, comfy carrier and movement can do. We ask you to relax and enjoy class and baby will follow. Most parents feedback that on days baby is ill/teething/having a leap it helps to put the carrier on and dance around at home. 

If baby needs to be fed, changed etc then it's very relaxed and you can tend to your baby as you wish. 

what should we wear?


  • Comfy clothing that you would wear to be active in. For example leggings and a t-shirt/vest

  • Ideally trainers or flat shoes. You will be unable to wear flip flops, sandals, ugg boots or heels as they are a trip hazard and will be asked to go barefoot


  • Comfy clothing. We recommend 1 layer as the carrier is classes as a layer and you will both get warm