Meet our Instructors

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NIkki - director & lead instructor 

Hi I'm Nikki

I started teaching Babywearing Dance in March 2016. In my younger days I was a dancer and then taught Zumba around my regular (and horrible!) job. After having my Daughter in 2015 I just assumed I could go straight back to it!
..But it wasn't that easy!
I wanted to create a class that was inclusive of all parents and was a way of them being themselves (not "baby's" Mum/Dad), having fun, getting active, listening & dancing to great music and also being able to hold their baby close. I am very passionate about the benefits and safety of babywearing, as I've seen the impact it's had on me and those in class. Babywearing + Dance. I trained in 2019 as a SlingaBaby Babywearing Consultant and this not only far exceeded my expectations of my knowledge of Babywearing, but also changed the way I parent my own child and the way I lead the classes. I also offer 121 Consultations & Group Workshops.
I feel I've got the best job in the world! 


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charlie - director & instructor 

Hi, I'm Charlie.

After training as a professional dancer in London, I went on to work with a ballet company and several cruise ships in Portugal. When my baby was born, she was 9 weeks premature and so we spent the first six weeks in a neonatal unit. So babywearing I felt was a vital part of the bonding process as we were so close and connected. I started classes, which I absolutely loved! It was also a great way to meet other Mum's in a relaxed environment and share experiences together. I am so excited to be part of the team as I get to spend each day teaching something that I love, staying connected with my daughter, helping other Mum's and having fun! What more could you ask for?


shelly - director & instructor 

Hi, I'm Shelly,

I started attending classes when my Daughter was just 8 weeks old. As she was my 6th child, I was eager to try a new kind of baby class (and also get a bit of time to ourselves!) I've always had a passion for dance, I danced as a child and then went on to study it as A Level.Babywearing has been very beneficial to me as, my Daughter was diagnosed with gross motor skills delay and a weakness to her left side. It's been a wonderful way for us to be close and also to get out and about on her bad days. After coming to classes for over 2 years I just didn't know how I would cope without it in my life (she's getting quite heavy now ;) ) so I was overjoyed to be asked to be a part of the team.  I specialize in teaching our Young Parents groups; having had experience of being a young Mum myself. I love to see how women's confidence grows and just how much joy it brings to them. 

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rhianwyn - instructor  

Hi I'm Rhianwyn

I started attending classes in 2017 when my baby was 8 weeks old. Iā€™d always loved to dance and danced lots as a child, but as an adult mainly only on nights out!

I immediately loved the class and it was a lifeline to be in the first year of being a new Mum. I made fantastic friends, it built my confidence and gave me a passion for babywearing.

I was working for Trafford Council running baby groups and then went on to support families in need and those that were in more disadvantaged positions. Coming on board as an Instructor has not only combined my love of dance and babywearing, but also gives me an opportunity to support parents and be a part of a wider community. The classes bring so much joy, love and bonding and I feel blessed to be a part of it.