Positive Impact


BENEFITS of the classes 

We carry out regular surveys to see the real impact that the classes are having on the Mums & Dads who attend. 


  • Boosts mood and energy (yes even after all those sleepless nights!) and increases confidence and positive body image

  • 97% of our attendees said they feel happier after every class & 92% said they always feel that they have more energy after class.

  • 100% said the class felt mindful and allowed them to let go of their worries

  • Improves fitness, coordination, memory and flexibility. As we as supporting good posture, breathing and core/pelvic stability. 76% said they felt healthier through attending class and 93% more active.

welcoming & friendly

  • Relaxed and friendly environment, where you as the Mum/Dad are made to feel welcome (we actually know your name...not "Baby's Mum/Dad")

  • 99% said they felt very welcome in class

  • Great way to meet like minded women/men and build friendships with 86% making friends through class

bonding for you & baby

  • 92% said class had Increased the bond and connection with their baby

  • A relaxing and happy class for your baby. There’s a reason babies fall asleep in class!

  • Improves knowledge of safe babywearing and different types of carriers/slings/wraps

  • 92% said they have learnt more about the safety and benefits of babywearing since attending classes

Alongside the regular classes, we are now also gaining funding to work with Young Parents and those who are at risk of PND, Isolation and Anxiety. Please email us if you are Under 25 and we can arrange 6 FREE Classes through our fund.

We encourage our class attendees to get involved and host regular socials, events and performances to raise money for our projects and other charities. We are more than just a baby class...we are a family. DLAM Fam x