About Us

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Where is all started

Nikki started teaching Babywearing Dance in March 2016, after having her Daughter. A Zumba instructor and former Disco Dancer (if you were a student in Manchester in the early 00's you might recognize her!), she initially started the classes as a way for Mum's to get fitter and healthier, whilst also enjoying having their babies close. Starting out in her home town of Salford and volunteering as a Babywearing Peer Supporter for the local Sling Library, the classes soon grew and she started teaching across Manchester. In 2017 Nikki took on two other instructors; who had both attended classes with their babies as well as being dance instructors; Beth & Charlie. The classes became known as the most fun, happy and friendliest Mum & Baby classes in Manchester. Then they started to see the real impact the classes were having....

Dance Like a Mother CIC 

(More than just a a bit of Mum Dancing) 

In 2018 we decided to make some changes. Since day one we have designed and built every aspect of the business from choreographing routines, designing promotional material, to growing our social media presence and taking part in TV shows and events. We moved away from the franchise we were a part of and became a CIC (Community Interest Company). We had been overwhelmed by the Mum's feedback and how much the classes had helped them through being a first time Mum (or second...or sixth!) and the benefits they had seen from coming to classes. Just some of the impact the classes have had on our attendees; 

  • Gained more confidence

  • Overcome anxieties, depression, low mood and helped through PND

  • Bonded more with their babies

  • Created special friendships with other Mum's

  • Started Babywearing and feeling safer doing so

BENEFITS of the classes 

We carry out regular surveys to see the real impact that the classes are having on the Mums & Dads who attend. 

  • Boosts mood and energy (yes even after all those sleepless nights!) and increases confidence and positive body image

  • 90% of our attendees said they feel happier after every class & 65% said they always feel that they have more energy after class.

  • Increases bond and connection with your baby

  • 80% said they felt more connected with their baby through attending classes

  • Relaxed and friendly environment, where you as the Mum/Dad are made to feel welcome (we actually know your name...not "Baby's Mum/Dad")

  • 98% said they felt very welcome in class and 86% said that they always find other attendees very friendly and welcoming

  • Great way to meet like minded women/men and build friendships

  • 75% said they had made friends in class

  • Improves fitness, coordination, memory and flexibility. As we as supporting good posture, breathing and core/pelvic stability.

  • 48% said that their fitness level has improved through attending clases & 45% said it had a little.

  • Mindful practice, which is Fun and so allows you to let go of your worries and stress

  • 69% said they were able to let go of their worries every class & 31% said mostly

  • Encourages you to challenge yourself and take part in fun activities (we perform and take part regularly at events such as Manchester Day, Pretty Muddy and also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing!)

  • Improves knowledge of safe babywearing and different types of carriers/slings/wraps

  • 92% said they have learnt more about the safety and benefits of babywearing since attending classes

Alongside the regular classes, we are now also gaining funding to work with Young Parents and those who are at risk of PND, Isolation and Anxiety. We encourage our class attendees to get involved and host regular socials, events and performances to raise money for our projects and other charities. We are more than just a baby class...we are a family. 

our training

We are all Mums!

All of our Instructors are Mums and are parenting children from 7 months to 22 years old! We understand the highs and lows of being a Mother and feel this is what sets us apart. We are more than just a class; we are a community.

We are all Babywearing Trained

The safety and comfort of you and your baby is our priority. All of our instructors are trained as Peer Supporters in Babywearing and have trained with Dr Rosie Knowles of Born to Carry. Nikki our Lead Director trained in 2019 as a SlingaBaby Babywearing Consultant (this basically means…she knows her stuff!) We do our best to share our knowledge with the Parents in our Classes and regularly work to together and seek advice to continually develop our knowledge and practices more.

We all Love Dance & (mostly) have a background in Dancing

We are a dance class, but this is definitely NOT about getting the moves right or being perfect (welcome to Motherhood!). All our Instructors are skilled at breaking down our easy to follow (but fun) routines in a way that even the most sleep deprived of Parents can follow.